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Save 20% off any carbon offset or tree planting with code CARBON-NEUTRAL ๐ŸŒณ ๐ŸŒ

Fund leading climate projects in Australia & abroad for just $19

Carbon Co. helps everyday Aussies reduce carbon emissions through affordable, verified carbon offsets that have a meaningful impact

1. Offset your emissions

Offset the emissions of your annual commute, coffee run or electricity usage by purchasing offsets or by planting trees with a few clicks.

Carbon Co. products (like our totes & tees) are eco friendly, carbon neutral and make great gifts!

2. Fund leading projects

We add up the thousands of tonnes of carbon that our members have offset. On your behalf, we then shortlist the most effective climate projects worldwide and purchase verified offsets on the global carbon market.

Transparency is our core value, so every month we publish detailed reports and project updates.

3. Make a meaningful impact

As we only support projects that are verified under robust international standards (such as VCS and the Gold Standard), Carbon Co. offsets reduce greenhouse emissions for years to come.

Together, we have offset more than 1,000 tonnes of CO2 and planted more than 5,000 trees.

Make a difference today


Did you know that an average Australian has a carbon footprint of 12 tonnes per year? However, our emissions need to be below 4 tonnes per person to keep global warming under two degrees by 2050. Everything we do has a footprint, even our coffee run!

For $19 per month, you can become carbon neutral by purchasing verified carbon offsets that support climate positive projects worldwide....

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Plant trees in Australia$10.00

Australiaโ€™s forests cover more than 134 million hectares, supporting a rich and biodiverse ecosystem of over 24,000 species of native plants and 250 species of native mammals.

However, increasing construction, mining and development continue to threaten both ecosystems and the climate. With your support, we're planting trees to rebuild Australian ecosystems and combat climate change.ย ...

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Offset your shopping (1 tonne)$29.00

Our production and consumption habits play a significant role in accelerating climate change by producing large amounts of carbon dioxide. While it is impossible to constantly be careful of the products we consume, there are other ways by which we can make meaningful changes to reduce our carbon emissions.

Our eco tote bags (with included carbon offset!) are a simple and affordable pl...

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Our mission

Carbon Co. makes it easy for you to take meaningful climate action that makes a difference.

By offsetting your carbon footprint with Carbon Co, you are helping to support projects such as reforestation and alternative energy that reduce carbon usage on a larger scale than any of us can achieve individually. The projects we support have a long term impact, sequestering carbon for years to come.

Transparency, accountability and efficacy are our core values. Our carbon offsets support only projects independently verified under international carbon offset standards (such as VERA), and we publish regular reports on our projects.

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